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About us

Karabela branched from Pelta publishing house established in 1994. We specialize in publications dedicated to the history of Polish troops fighting in Napoleonic campaigns with an emphasis on their military uniforms.
Our series of albums:

1. The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw, presents the troops funded by the Treasury of the Duchy from 1807 - 1815
Artillery, Engineers, Sappers
Uhlans, Honour Guard, Noble Levy and Mounted Gendarmerie Volume 1-2
Infantry, National Guard, Veterans Volume 1-2
Generals, aides-de-camp, staffs

2. The Polish Army under Napoleon’s Command, depicts Polish units financed by the French from 1797 - 1815
Vistula Legion, Visula Lancers
Guard: Light Cavalry (Chevau-Legers-Lanciers), Lithuanian Tatars, Scouts (Eclaireurs), Infantry Grenadiers
Polish Legions in Italy, Danube Legion, Polish-Italian Legion, Northern Legion

The Napoleonic Era enthusiasts will have an opportunity to collect seven exquisitely crafted albums; best source of knowledge for living history reenactors, war gamer, historical figures and tin soldiers collectors. The books contains no fewer than 800 illustrations in vibrant colours, with great attention given to authenticity and accuracy of details of uniforms and equipment. All illustrations in both series were done by the renowned painter of military subjects and well-known expert in military uniforms, Ryszard Morawski. Renowned historians and experts of this period wrote the texts of both series. They describe the history and involvement of Polish formations in various Napoleonic campaigns during the period of 1797-1815. 

We have also published books in the field of phaleristics and deltiology and series of postcards.

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